About Media Routes

Media Routes is a Canadian company incorporated in the province of Ontario and having head office in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Media Routes is an in-house developer of a range of software products that offer one of the most advanced communications services cloud platform 

Short History

Media Routes was founded in 2006 in Toronto Canada. This was the time when cloud based service delivery models were still in infancy. Media Routes set out on a task to develop the technology to lead the transition of communication services from on-premises products to cloud based platform. 

Realizing the unique needs of communications services, Media Routes implemented its own SIP stack and realized the most complex primitives required for call and its media handling on top of its own SIP stack.

It realized that the conventional programming languages were appropriate for desktop or web based applications and were not appropriate for communications application. One appropriate attempt was from W3C in creating the CCXML (Call Control XML). We found many serious limitations by the standard and we improved the language to make it compatible with cloud driven platforms powered by an active developer community. Today our platform is powered by an enhanced version of CCXML. We call it SCCXML (Service and Call Control XML)

Media Routes launched its services in beta as cloud based VoIP applications in May 2008. For two years, the service and products were tested and went through interoperability with hundreds of vendors using tens of different products.

In September 2009 the company moved head office to Vancouver, Canada. Media Routes re-engineered its core infrastructure products, developed a cloud based platform that can engage an active developer community and launched the cloud platform in 4Q 2012

About the Group:

Media Routes is part of a group of related technology companies having shared ownership:

  • AdvOSS; Provides Service Charging and Service Control products for communications services providers worldwide.
  • Hosting Controller; Provides automation products for cloud based web application hosts. Hosting Controller is used by more than 3,000 hosting companies worldwide.

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