Application Node

  • Application Nodes are software processes that run communications applications written in the form of scripts.
  • Each AN is an execution environment and a run-time system that maintains the state of communication sessions and provides the necessary infrastructure for applications to render their services.
  • Each instance of AN is an Operating System process implementing a Communications application. These include SIP applications such as IP PBX, Mobile PBX, Automatic Call Distributor, Voice Mail and several others.
  • An application may be confined to a single instance or it may span across multiple instances of Applications Nodes. More nodes can be created to improve scalability and performance of different parts of applications by adding CPU resources.
  • Media Routes provides a variety of full working and tested enterprise applications with an associated data model and database schema. Applications running on the Application Node are programmed in one of the two scripting languages:
  • The universally well-known JavaScript
  • CCXML (a W3c standardized language) in combination with JavaScript

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