Media Routes offers a rich set of Cloud based Enterprise Communications Suite (ECS) built on SDP.

  • ECS bundles a broad range of Enterprise Communications Applications that include IP-PBX, Enterprise IVR and Messaging based Campaign Management, Unified Communications, Fixed Mobile Convergence and Conferencing among others.
  • Enterprises can deploy these Applications directly on premises, or Service Providers and Cloud Operators can offer them on Software as a Service (SaaS) model in a hosted, all IP based environment.
  • They can serve very small to medium enterprises that want to give themselves a look of a professional business but cannot afford expensive PBX and enterprise Communication Systems.
  • Since the applications can scale seamlessly and support enterprise integration, orchestration and programmability, they can be deployed for very large corporations spanning multiple geographical sites. 


One of the key differentiators of the ECS Applications is their programmability. Media Routes SDP is programmable Service Creation and Delivery environment that enables its customers and third party developers to enhance existing applications or create new ones using scripting based on the well known and standardized JavaScript language, or a combination of Call Control XML (CCXML) and JavaScript. CSPs therefore, do not have to wait for realization of new business use cases, features and requirements demanded by their Enterprise customers for new software releases with long turn-around times.


Enterprise Integration

As a virtue of being built upon SDP, these applications can easily integrate with Enterprise systems via both North-bound (exposing their own APIs letting external enterprise systems control and invoke them as services) and  South-bound (calling and invoking services and functions in external Enterprise Applications such CRM, ERP etc.) APIs. This functionality is provided via a combination of service orchestration and mediation layer provided by the JavaScript engine, Service API and different protocol Connectors.


ECS contains the following Enterprise Communications Applications:



Multi-Tenant IP PBX Application : A fully featured IP based PBX application for Enterprise Communications working with client side IP Phones, ATA devices or Soft-Phones installed on desktop and mobile devices. Comes in Standard and Premium Editions


Campaign Management Suite: A Campaign Management Applications Suite for Mass-Scale marketing, Electronic Voting and Promotions via SMS and voice broadcasting


FMC Application: A Fixed Mobile Convergence Application that unifies user experience while using SIP devices and mobile phones by seamlessly transferring calls between them and treating both as aliases of each other.


ACD Application: An Automatic Call Distributor with (optional) customizable CRM integration for contact centers


RB T Application: An application that provides personalized Ring-Back Tones to an individual user that can be chosen from a third party provided database of Ring tones content


Recording Application: A Call Recording Application Server


Conferencing Application: A multi-Party Conferencing Server for Audio and Video Conferencing and Conference Bridge Management


Mobile PBX Server: A Virtual IP PBX suited for Wireless and Mobile Service Providers working purely on SIP Trunks without requiring any client side software.



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