• A Campaign Management Applications Suite for Mass-Scale marketing,  Electronic Voting and Promotions via SMS and voice broadcasting
  • Targeted for Communication Service Providers (CSP) or Enterprise market. 
  • Enables CSPs to offer an advanced set of marketing and customer outreach tools to their enterprise customers.
  • Enterprises can launch highly effective campaigns, conduct electronic polls and create product ranking surveys and much more using multiple interactive and one-way communication channels including SMS, Voice and email.
  •  SIP and SMPP based solution and thus based purely on IP interfaces. This makes it highly efficient in CSP environment as it avoids expensive PRI trunks and scales smoothly using IP bandwidth with increase in traffic.
  • Bulk SMS broadcasts to thousands of customers
  • Bulk Voice broadcasts to thousands of customers
  • Bulk Email broadcasts to thousands of customers
  • One-Way Announcements
  • Interactive Forms and Surveys with data collection and Storage
  • Electronic Voting/Polling
  • Product Ranking
  • Promotions


  • Multiple Call and SMS groups for bulk campaigns

    Enterprises can add phone numbers for a campaign through the following means:

    • Unlimited number of Permanent Phone number Groups (aka address books)
    • Manually add/remove numbers for a new or existing campaign
    • Upload an excel sheet containing numbers into an address book or a campaign directly
  • Bulk SMS sending

    A Campaign can be based on either SMS, or Voice, or both. The solution provides sending SMS in bulk using SMPP protocol and recording the status and results of an SMS campaign. The solution also supports receiving SMS messages as responses or as initial requests to automatically generate further SMS or IVR based voice messages. A Campaign can set the SMS to be scheduled such that it can be sent repeatedly in case of failures up to a maximum number of times.

  • SMS and IVR Templates and Samples

    It includes several IVR and voice message samples, SMS Message templates, Voice Broadcast Message templates and Sample Media Files to give enterprise customers a quick start with the system. Customers may add their own media files, create their own IVR forms and surveys and modify the existing templates and samples to customize campaigns according to their own requirements.

  • Interactive Voice Response and DTMF driven data collection

    Supports IVR based customer interaction based on DTMF input from the customer. It relies on RTP based RFC 2833 protocol for DTMF digits coming in RTP packets. IVR trees can be defined based on user input and next actions. Actions can be used to create sophisticated forms, surveys, broadcast messages, announcements, promotions and reaching the operator etc where the call is actually routed to the operator can be created.


    The results of surveys and questionnaires are stored in a database and can be accessed via web-interface and reports can be extracted in excel sheets. Database table schema can be accessed via queries by third party applications to take subsequent actions on answered forms and surveys.

  • Interactive SMS with automatic responses

    Similar to IVR trees, it is possible to create interactive SMS campaigns. These campaigns include service logic to automatically send next message to customers in response to the content of a message received, thus providing an interactive campaign experience using only SMS. This is made possible by the JavaScript scripting language. The built-in campaign customization interface can be used to create simple message response based actions for interactive campaigns.

  • Hybrid Voice and SMS Campaigns

    An enterprise may choose to combine both voice and SMS in a campaign, if both features are available in its Service Offering. The IVR logic may define actions involving SMS or voice message sending and digits collection, and using SMS or voice as the next action based on user input.

  • Built-in Text-To-Speech Engine

    Built-in Text-to-Speech engine that enables an enterprise to create a campaign by specifying text messages that would be converted to speech when the campaign IVR is executed. This provides a convenient and fast way to create and modify campaigns if the enterprise does not have the requirements for specially crafted and recorded media files in customized voices.

  • IVR Designer Interface to create Menus, Forms and Actions

    Built-in, easy to use, IVR tree designer interface. The customers can specify IVR logic using three simple components namely Forms, Menus and Actions. Available options are presented to the user in drop-downs on the IVR designer interface.

  • Electronic Polling Application

    Fully featured application that provides complete use case for casting votes for particular enterprise product ranking campaigns, Yes/ No questions, candidate votes for conducting an election or TV reality shows etc. The votes can be cast through SMS or dialing in to an IVR application. The system keeps track of the cast votes by candidate or product name and generates statistical reports based on results.

  • Campaign Monitoring

    The solution provides interface to enterprises for monitoring real-time status of a campaign. The status includes campaign’s start time, statistics of currently made calls or sent SMS, successful and failed responses, invalid responses, remaining calls or SMS etc.

  • Comprehensive Reports

    Comprehensive Reporting module for Campaigns. Users can generate reports and collect survey results. The reports include several filters such as successful broadcast messages delivered (both voice and SMS), invalid phone numbers given in Groups, successful and invalid responses by phone numbers, percentage of responses. The reports can be generated in the form of excel sheets and graphs.

  • Campaign Logs

    Campaign logs contain the summarized historical logs of a campaign with contents of the IVR played or the SMS messages sent for the particular campaign. These logs include campaign statistics and are similar to the campaign reports with lesser information but the contents of the IVR tree logic and SMS message contents for reference. IVR tree logic is stored in an XML format.

  • CDR generation

    The solution provides Service Providers with complete CDR reports of each enterprise. These CDRs are rated according to the Service Offering rating/Charging parameters defined.

  • Integration with Payment System

    Includes integration with the Voucher Management or payment system via the payment system’s exposed API. The enterprises can top-up/re-charge their accounts using their web-based self-care portal.

  • Enterprise Alerts Supports alerts based on SMS, voice calls and web-based Pop-ups on enterprise self-care for different conditions such as balance going below a certain threshold, subscription recharge date arriving within a certain period etc.

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