• A multi-Party Conferencing Server for Audio Conferencing and Conference Bridge Management
  • Supports two types of Conference bridges:
    • Scheduled automated dial out bridges that dial out to the registered participants automatically when the conference time slot starts
  • Scheduled dial-in bridges that receive calls from the participants during the conference time slot and connect them together into a conference.
  • Bridge Management
    • Creating the Bridge and its schedule via web-interface
    • Setting an access PIN (pass-code)
    • Optionally setting one participant (number) as the moderator of the conference
    • Setting the conference time slot with expiry time
    • Configuring/enabling the conference bridge service on an access number
    • Setting the bridge type (dial-out or dial-in)


  • Welcoming the user and prompting to enter the conference pass-code
  • Authenticating the user from database
  • Prompting user to say his or her name on successfully entering the pass-code
  • Announcing the name to all participants
  • Restricting up to 8 participants per bridge
  • Announcing the conference time expiry to all participants
  • Automatically dropping all calls when conference time slot expires
  • Dynamic adding of participants into an ongoing conference by calling out to participant’s number (need moderator rights to invoke this feature)

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