• A Fixed Mobile Convergence Application that unifies user experience while using SIP devices and mobile phones.
  • Delivers next generation infrastructure solution enabling CSPs to deploy and manage a SIP-based FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence) service.
  • Allows CSPs to provide superior customer experience and an exceptional flexibility to their end users by giving them a Converged Phone service, single voicemail box, single bill and ability to seamlessly move calls from their fixed line (SIP Phones/Dialers/PSTN numbers) to Cell Phones, wireless phones and IP Phones, or  the other way around whenever needed.


  • Groups together multiple fixed and mobile devices. Each device in the group acts as an alias to the each other device in the group. The devices could be an extension of a PBX or a subscriber’s individual landline or mobile phone.
  • Incoming Calls

    Incoming calls to a phone are checked for aliases. In case aliases are present, the calls are sent to the called number and the aliases just like Follow Me/Find Me scenario, according to the sequential or parallel preference set at the FMC service level in subscriber’s profile. The default is to try the main extension as well as aliases in parallel.

  • Outgoing Calls

    The simple case of outgoing calls deals with setting the Caller ID for each call made by a group member to any external destination. One of the group members can be set as the caller ID for all calls originating from a group member phone.

    An advanced case of outgoing calls enables remote outgoing calling. In this case, one of the phone numbers in the FMC group is set as an access number for outgoing calls in the group. The subscriber dials the designated access number for the group from any other group member phone. The system recognizes the group member from the CallerID and automatically gives the user a new dial tone to dial out a destination number.

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