Instant Messaging

Service Description

This service enables subscribers to send and receive Instant Messages to other users. The service manages instant messages in two ways:

  • SIP based Subscribers

    In this case, subscriber generated Instant Messages are delivered to other On-Net SIP based Phones via SIP Instant Messaging mechanisms e.g. SIP MESSAGE Method. This results in direct sending of Instant Messages to SIP Phones as soon as the Platform receives the message from the sender.

  • The subscribers may provision a mobile (Cell) phone number through their self-care portal and configure the service to send the Instant Messages generated to their SIP Phones as SMS to their mobile phones. In this case, the Instant Message is sent to an SMPP gateway provided by the Operator or Media Routes which is capable of delivering the SMPP message sent to it by the Media Routes Platform.


Required Integration

In case 2 above, integration with the Operatorís SMPP gateway is required to support sending of Instant Messages as SMS on mobile networks.


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