• A fully featured, Multi-tenant, IP based Application working with client side IP Phones, ATA devices or Soft-Phones installed on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Provides virtualized partitions in a single Database
  • Provides all the use cases of a fully functional, feature-rich IP PBX for small to medium to very large corporations
  • Suited for both Cloud-based and on-premises deployments.
  • Offers a variety of advanced features and business use cases from basic PBX functionality to advanced Value Added features to meet the demands of a wide range of market segments.
  • Web-based portals for management of services.
  • Services and features are accessible over SIP protocol from a variety of client side devices such as mobile soft-phones, desk-top soft-phones, ATA (Analog Telephony Adapters) and IP Phones with multi-media capabilities such as voice and video.
  • Since it is a SIP based solution, therefore it needs SIP trunks to work with PSTN networks. It integrates with SIP based Soft-Switches or SBC (Session Border Controllers) to provide its services.
  • Includes a rich suite of personalized, Class 5 Value Added Services for each Enterprise user (extension).
  • Users may modify these services according to their own choice via web-based self-care portal.

Comes in two flavors:


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