Media Routes SDSE (SOFTWARE DEFINED SERVICE ENGINE) is the central execution engine in SDP that provides the foundation for all Services, Applications and business logic for service orchestration and delivery in next generation telecommunication networks. It is the core environment that runs communications applications and call flows. It is internally composed of multiple components.

SDSE provides three key functionalities:

  1. it is an efficient execution environment that supports a rich set of protocol Connectors. Examples of Connectors include SIP, Media Services, RADIUS, DIAMETER, XML over socket, HTTP, Database Stored Procedures and query interface to name a few.
  2. It is a service orchestration platform that enables implementation of business and application logic and call-flows that can be invoked using well-known scripting languages to tie up application components together into realization of complex service delivery scenarios.
  3. It is an integration and mediation point for external systems in both CSP and Enterprise environments. It exposes both Northbound and Southbound interfaces for integration and mediation so that external applications can invoke its own service logic and applications implemented in orchestration scripts, and it can call into other third party systems to invoke their services at different points during the execution of its application’s service logic.


SDSE supports on-the-fly programmability via scripting that allows modification and enhancement of business logic by two means:

  • The universally well-known JavaScript
  • CCXML (a W3c standardized language) in combination with JavaScript


SDSE scales seamlessly by adding hardware resources since it internal architecture is composed of individually scalable modules on a process level. The internal architecture supports a highly concurrent system that is able to handle thousands of concurrent sessions for very large scale deployments.
SDSE comprises of the following components:
Application Node
Service API
Protocol Connectors
Media Server Node


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