Service Delivery Platform

Media Routes Service Delivery Platform (SDP) is a comprehensive development, execution, integration and policy enforcement Infrastructure for delivering a variety of Communications Applications ranging from enterprise to consumer markets.


SDP enables Service Providers and Enterprises acquire a complete, working infra-structure for Communications, hosted on premises or in the Cloud. SDP thus supports public, private and hybrid Cloud models.


For Communications Service Providers (CSPs), SDP acts as a service delivery, monetization and policy enforcement platform integrated with their OSS & BSS systems.


For enterprises, it acts as a Unified Communications Platform integrated with different business-critical applications and systems such as CRM, ERP, inventory control, company web-sites and company directory to name a few.


For Cloud based hosting Service Providers, SDP acts as a Communications enabling infrastructure in the Cloud. It has been designed from the ground-up to provide the well-known best practices of a Cloud based infrastructure in other domains like Compute, Web-services hosting and Application Hosting. It is dynamically scalable on the fly by adding computation resources to communications applications.


Application Programming Interfaces (API)

SDP has well defined interfaces for integrating with external OSS, BSS, Enterprise Systems and Network Management Systems. It exposes a set of APIs for Northbound Interfaces calling into SDP for invoking different Applications in the platform, while it can implement integration workflows for South-bound systems such as Enterprise Event Bus, CRM, ERP, external Policy Servers and OSS/BSS Platforms.
It can thus enable a complete and comprehensive solution for multiple market segments. SDP can seamlessly scale from small to large installations.


SDP Architecture and Components




SDP is comprised of the following Components:

Service Delivery Engine
Session Border Controller
Application Delivery Framework


Media Routes provides a comprehensive set of Enterprise and Service Provider class applications on SDP that realize several critical business use cases for a range of market segments from small to medium enterprises to very large corporations and Service Providers in public, private and hybrid Cloud environments.

An overview of applications available on SDP can be found at:

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