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This is the core infrastructure enabler that handles all concerns of the Enterprise or Service Provider’s domain border. SBC provides many unique features and services. Some of the key features of SBC include:

  • Load Balancing across Application Servers
  • Access Network side Policy Enforcement
  • Peering Network side Policies and Routing
  • SIP Registrations and Registrations Pass-through
  • Capability to Monetize several Infrastructure properties
  • Programmability on the fly through scripting to enhance its functionality and implement new policies and features


Deployment Architecture

As a Border Element for controlled, Access side Policy Enforcement

SIP based Business to Business, Wholesale Interconnect

SIP Trunking Application

Key Benefits highlights:

  • Intelligent Session Control, Policy Enforcement and Service Orchestration Engine
  • Combines the power of Service Orchestration with state of the art Session Border Control
  • Enables advanced, fine-grained Policy Enforcement at both Access and Peering sides of the network
  • Valuable for both Enterprises, Small to Medium Service Providers and large Telecom Operators in both fixed and mobile domains
  • Acts as a network border element for:
    • CDR aggregation
    • AAA aggregation
    • Inter-domain Routing aggregation
    • Per session data collection and Reporting
    • Billing and settlement integration point
    • Session Routing to Application Servers
    • SCIM (Service Control and Interaction Manager)
  • Enables extension and enhancement of pre-deployed SIP Applications in terms of capabilities and features
Enables new revenue streams for service providers through policy driven service monetization

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