Unsubscribed VOIP

Service Description

This is primarily a prepaid VOIP service for unsubscribed users. The users may include registered and non-registered users. In case of non registered users, the user is identified by a PIN or voucher number whereas in case of registered users, the user is identified by the Calling ID.
The service is based on an IVR that allows the users to make outgoing calls to several long distance and International destinations. The service is strictly prepaid and works on balance associated with the customer’s PIN or registered Caller ID. The service comes bundled with comprehensive Prepaid Rating and charging features with local and long distance rate sheets. It supports the following features:

  • Authentication (PIN based or PIN-less)
  • Authorization
  • Credit Quota Management
  • Accounting
  • CDR generation
  • Reporting

The following business use cases can be created using this service

  • Calling Cards
  • PIN-less/ANI based Calling
  • Carrier Pre-Select
  • Call-Back Services
  • Other Specialized One Stage/Two Stage Dialing services


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