Voice Message Board

Service Description

This service allows subscribers to broadcast voice messages to small groups. Subscribers can form Message Boards by grouping DID phone numbers in a Message Board. This service is useful for providing rendezvous based messaging within a Closed User Group (CUG), including private messaging, blogging, off-line discussions etc. between multiple subscribers.

Use Case

  • Multiple Phone numbers are entered in a group to form a Message Board.
  • Once a message board is formed, one number (separate from member phone numbers) is assigned to the board as the access number of the board.
  • A user calls the group DID. The system authenticates the user with a PIN and may (optionally) authorize his balance.
  • After successful Authentication and Authorization, the system prompts the user to speak out and record a message of up to 60 seconds on the message board.
  • The message can be recorded in two modes:
    • Push Mode
    • Pull-Mode
  • In Push-Mode, the user again has two further options:
    •  Immediate Push
    • Deferred Push
  • If the user chooses immediate push, the system generates calls immediately to all board members. In case of deferred push, the message is delivered after the specified time (in minutes) to each member.
  • The messages can be set to be immediately deleted on successful delivery or stored for a certain number of days (configurable) in the message board.
  • In Pull-Mode, the message is not delivered automatically by the system. Each board member can pull the message by calling the board DID any time at convenience and browsing through the messages just like a voice mail.
  • While delivering the message, each called party in the board is given an option to leave a response to the message (after their balance authorization).
  • The caller ID of the call to each board member is set to that of the caller who left the message.
  • If any of the participants of the group chooses to leave a response, he or she is prompted to speak out and record a message of up to 60 seconds for the message board.
  • The response can also be flagged as to be sent to only the caller as a private message, or posted for all callers on the message board, either in Push-Mode or Pull-Mode.

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