Web Callback

Service Description

This service enables the subscribers to generate calls back to different land-line or mobile phones from a subscriber self care web-Portal and to a desired destination. It is useful when the subscriber is in an area where directly making outgoing calls is expensive or not possible e.g. roaming of mobile subscribers.

Use Case

  • The user signs in to a subscriber self-care portal.
  • He supplies a call-back phone number on which he intends to receive the call-back. The user’s call-back number could be a mobile or traditional land-line.
  • He also supplies a desired destination number.
  • The system prompts the user to enter a PIN for Authentication.
  • After PIN verification, the system makes two calls, one to the subscriber’s given Call-Back Phone and the other to the desired destination, connects the two Call-Legs together and the establishes the speech path.
  • After the call is terminated, it is charged to the user’s account.
This service can be made available for Consumer services, Enterprise Services and unsubscribed Pre-paid users.  

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