Media Routes Deployment Models

Media Routes offers value added telephony services for all types of Operators. The services are offered through application servers deployed over Media Routes’ Service Delivery Platform.

The Platform offers multiple deployment models ranging from pure on-premises private clouds to hybrid clouds to complete public clouds.

Types of Traffic

VAS Servers consist of Application Servers and Media Servers. Application Servers realize the value added service while the media servers handle the voice or video traffic attached to that service. For any value added service, there is two types of traffic:

Control Plane Traffic

This is usually transferred over SIP protocol. It always goes from the originator to the VAS server and from there to the terminator or receiver of the call. This is handled by the VAS Application Server

Use Plane Traffic

This is usually transferred over RTP protocol. This may go directly from the originator to the terminator or may go through the VAS server if needed. This is handled by VAS Media Server

Deployment Models

Depending on operator’s preferences and other legal, regulatory and statutory restrictions, the following broad deployment models are possible for Media Routes value added services.


Private Cloud

Private Cloud deployments involve both the Application Servers and the Media Servers to be on-premises some of operator’s data center. No control plane traffic or user plane traffic leaves the data center except through operator’s routing and call completion methods over designated network routes.


Public Cloud

Public Cloud deployments leverage the huge data center market and the economies of scale that it offers. Under such deployments both control plane and user plane traffic goes to the Internet and comes back to the Operator’s network if required. Various security protocols may be used to secure the communications when services are offered through Public Cloud.


Hybrid Cloud

It is possible to separate the control plane and user plane traffic and adopt a hybrid cloud model. Various combinations are possible that can be quickly realized by talking to Media Routes engineers. Most common model involves keeping the Application Servers in the public cloud where all the control plane traffic goes to the Internet. But all the Media Servers are kept on-premises which means that all the User Plane traffic is kept in house.

This ensures lot more privacy for user generated content and media include voice and video and may have to be done for regulatory reasons.


All Media Routes application servers are written over its Service Delivery Platform. The Service Delivery Platform allows all applications to be hosted on a PaaS (Platform as a Service) model and supports various deployment scenarios to satisfy different needs of the operators

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