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Least Cost Router is a high performance external route determination software supporting millions of the destinations and rates. LCR is state of the art Product for VoIP Peering provider interconnection capability with different terminators. It is of immense importance to find the provider offering best price for the termination of each call and enables cost plus offered price aware routing assuring no revenue loss.

In an all IP world where services are provided by multiple providers, finding the best provider for each service request becomes critical. This requires a Least Cost Routing Engine capable of looking up the tariff and other related information from multiple providers and returning the best provider among all for each request.

Least Cost Router addresses the challenge conferred in a highly effective manner. LCR Engine loads all rate sheets from the terminators and routes each call to the minimum cost route available through all the terminators.
The product can also keep a count of the occupied ports and the capacity of the route on each outgoing Trunk. Calls exceeding the capacity of a Trunk are routed to the next available route.

LCR plugs into the Core Softswitch and also integrates with the Billing; it can also talk to external switching entities requiring least cost over Radius or SIP interface.

Number Portability:

LCR works with rate sheets supporting number portability and the ones working on DNIS alone.

LCR makes a lookup in the number portability database to get the LRN and uses the LRN for number portability supporting databases and DNIS for others.

Concurrency Check:

LCR can be used to enforce concurrency checks on terminators and before sending the routes, LCR makes sure enough capacity and ports are available on the terminator before returning routes.

Failover Routing support:

supports fail over routes and takes a configurable number to return fail over routes.

No Loss Routing:

LCR also ensures "No loss routing" and only returns routes that has a cost lower than the preset threshold. LCR uses local number portability looks as well to ensure that 'no loss routing' is enforced for ported numbers as well.

Jurisdictional Routing:

LCR also supports jurisdictional routing and can take multiple rates for a single jurisdiction. Couple with its Rule Based Engine, LCR can look up any databases or tables to ascertain correctly the jurisdiction of the call if required.

More Advanced Routing Capabilities:

When running in front of Rating Engine, LCR can also optionally do more advanced routings including TimeofDay, DayOfWeek, Progressive and other rates based Least Cost Routing.

Coupled with softswitch, it can be used as a complete routing and switching platform. LCR can also work as just a separate Routing Server using Redirect requests to existing softswitches.

LCR is scalable from hundreds to thousands of look ups per second.

Supported SIP RFCs

  • RFC 3261
  • RFC 3263
  • RFC 3264
  • RFC 3265
  • RFC 4566
  • RFC 3550
  • RFC 3903
  • RFC 3262
  • RFC 4694
  • RFC 3966
  • RFC 5547
  • RFC 3455
  • RFC 3680
  • RFC 4346

Other Industry Names for This Product:

- External Routing System
- Least Cost Routing System
- Jurisdictional Routing
- No loss LCR
- Margin Management LCR
- QOS based Routing
- NPA/NXX based Routing



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