Syed Hashmi: CEO

Syed Nauman Hashmi(CEO)

He holds a masters degree in Computer Engineering and has 16 years of management experience. Hashmi has strong experience of successfully starting and launching start ups. They include AdvOSS is a Canadian company and a vendor of technologically advanced solutions that enable any service provider to realize all their needs in aspects of service delivery, management and charging in a fully integrated way. : A product for web hosting industry. Has more than 2,500 customers now mostly in the USA. Hosting Controller is based in Vancouver, Canada with offices in San Diego, Los Angeles, Richmond and Islamabad. Hosting Controller is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hosting Controller, Inc., a Canadian Corporation. Hosting Controller™ is a product of over ten years of software development and consultancy experience tailored to hosts.

Hashmi lives in Vancouver, Canada with his wife and three children.

Farhan Zaidi: CTO.

Farhan Zaidi(CTO)

He is the ex-Nortel engineer and has worked in their San Jose labs for many years and was the lead engineer that designed their access servers and other related gear. He holds a Masters Degree in Computer Sciences from University of Southern California and for the last four years has worked extensively on the design of SIP based softswitches and Application Servers. With an overall industry experience of 18 years, he can safely be considered one of world's leading engineers on SIP and IMS based switching equipment with a number of in-production products under his belt.

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