Technology Partners

Technology Partners are other companies that have made products that augment the functionality provided by Media Routes product or they provide complementary products that jointly contribute towards a complete solution.


Appliance Partners

Appliance partners install Media Routes products onto dedicated hardware appliances and have the domain knowledge to support the product and the hardware supplied.

Prepaid Billing

Prepaid Billing vendors provide a Radius Server coupled with a prepaid billing engine that supports rating, charging and payment processing of subscribers

BSS Partners

BSS partners provide integrated customer and revenue management services for operators and service providers. It will include subscription billing, invoicing, pre-paid and post-paid engines, Inventory management, Franchisee Management, Reseller Management, Partner Management, Voucher Management, CRM and other features

OSS Partners

OSS partners provide operational support systems that typically include business process management, Provisioning and Orchestration of services, monitoring and management of services, centralized configuration and other features


Radius Server


Diameter Server






SIP Clients

Unified Communications


Media Gateways


Transcoding Boards

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