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Topology hiding

SIP Back-Back User Agent (B2BUA)

NAT traversal

Load balancing across multiple core servers

SIP Registrar with location database

Registration events notification (Registrar event Package)

Intelligent Proxy for SIP Registrations and other

Non-INVITE based session creating packets

Policy enforcement

        ·   Access and Peering Policies Support

        ·   Policy Queries to External Policy Server (optional)

SIP Header Manipulation and Interoperability assurance

Deep packet inspection

Source IP based Ingress Rate limiting and DOS protection

Media Handling

        ·   Relaying

        ·   Trans-Coding

        ·   Mixing

        ·   SRTP (Media encryption)

Programmability for Service Orchestration & Mediation

        ·   JavaScript

        ·   CCXML & JavaScript combination

Emergency Call Handling

Lawful Intercept

Call Recording

Video Calls Support

Multi-Tenancy Support

        ·   Through extra custom SIP headers

        ·   Source Port Changing

        ·   Special Purpose Sandbox for tenants

Initial filter Criteria Evaluation

Service Selection

        ·   Per Username

        ·   Per domain

        ·   Per Tenant

        ·   Combination of the above

RADIUS client

DIAMETER client (in-progress)

Self-Authentication with PSTN Terminating partner with multiple options:

        ·   Source IP Address

        ·   Asserted identity

        ·   Username / Password

SIP Asserted Identity Support

Multiple public IDs per user

Multiple private IDs per user

Media Authorization

        ·  Passes only Allowed codecs

Concurrency Authorization  (Concurrent Calls limiting)

        ·   Per User Name

        ·   Per Domain

        ·   Per Tenant

        ·   Combination of above

Prepaid Authorization

        ·   Session time units reservation and re-reservation

Bandwidth Authorization and admission control

Online and Real-time Accounting

        ·   Start, Stop & Interim Accounting

Revenue Assurance

        ·   Writing CDRs to text files if DB is unavailable

        ·   Session Reconstruction on restart to prevent revenue loss

Service Assurance Policy

        ·   Continuing Service if Database is not available

CDR aggregation for the entire core network

Least Cost Routing with 0% revenue loss

Priority based static Routing (Overriding LCR)

QoS Routing

Global Route Plan

Route failover to secondary routes on unavailability

ENUM (toll bypass)

External Routing Server query on SIP (302 Redirect) or native API

PSTN Interconnect Partner Management

Technical-Prefix Management

        ·   Removal on Originator Side

        ·   Insertion on Terminator Side

PSTN Interconnect partner capacity enforcement

PSTN interconnect partner Media codec filtering and adaptation

Packet loss, delay, ACD and ASR reporting per Route

SIP Trunking Application with complete DID management

Distributed Signaling and media handling

        ·   Separate scalability for signaling and media

High Availability and Automatic IP Takeover

Customer & Order Management

Provisioning API

COTS based deployment

Available with both Oracle and MySQL Databases

Available on both Linux and Windows

Software only version available

Management GUI

Inter-Connect Billing & Settlement (optional Add-On through Partner)



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