Session Border Controller



Our Voice over IP Suite includes Session Border Controller and Virtual Private Network

  • Session Border Controller
    Session Border Controller sits at the entry and exit points of a Service Provider’s core network and handles SIP traffic from the Access Network and sends it to the Terminator network


  • SBC-001 SIP B2BUA
    Implements the SIP Back to Back User Agent as per standards
  • SBC-002 SIP Proxy
    Implements a SIP Proxy Server as per standards
  • SBC-003 SIP Registrar
    Implements a SIP Registrar as per standards
  • SBC-004 Radius AAA Client
    Implements a RADIUS client for Authentication, Authorization and Accounting
  • SBC-005 Direct Authentications
    Provides ways to authenticate incoming requests through direct means
  • File Based
  • Database based
  • SBC-006 CDR Writing
    A module that writes CDRs for each successful session into a text based CDR files or directly into a database
  • SBC-007 Vendor Management
    Provides a way to define terminators, their trunk groups, IP addresses and other related information
  • SBC-008 Dial plan Handling
    Provides a powerful and flexible way for an operator to define its routing based on prefixes in the dialed digits and to also define priorities
  • SBC-009 Routing Module
    Supports multiple ways to route calls to the called parties
  • Redirect Server: Queries an external server like location server or least cost routing server that uses SIP Redirect messages
  • Fixed or Static Routing: Allows giving the Static IP address of the next hop
  • Dial Plan based Routing: Queries the Dial Plan Module of the SBC
  • ENUM based routing: Queries the ENUM database
  • SIP URI based routing with DNS lookup (RFC 3263): Queries the DNS server to resolve URIs
  • Registrar based routing: Queries the internal Registrar module
  • Interface with External Routing Application
  • SBC-010 Media Topology Hiding
    Implements a Proxy Server for Media that receives incoming media streams and proxies them to outgoing streams to hide IP Addresses of senders from receivers and vice versa
  • SBC-011 NAT Traversal
    Provides different ways of reaching end-points behind NAT
  • SBC-012 Session Management
    Maintains a record in Session for each ongoing call leg. The record can then be used by multiple other applications to store data relevant to them and to provide monitoring of ongoing sessions
  • SBC-013 Concurrency Control
    Provides a way for the operator to mention limits on the maximum number of concurrently ongoing sessions for any Originator. New session are then denied until some existing sessions are terminated
  • SBC-014 Number Translation
    Provides ways to translate incoming dialed digits to formats acceptable by terminators by stripping dial codes, adding country codes or city codes etc.
  • SBC-015 Tech Prefix Management
    Provides a way to enable originators to add different tech prefixes behind dialed digits that can then be used to identify originators or to identify the class of service that they want
  • SBC-016 Emergency & Special Number handling
    Provides ways to define emergency numbers like 911 and other special numbers like recharge IVRs
  • Emergency Numbers: Authentication and Authorization Bypassed
  • Special Numbers: Only Authorization bypassed
  • SBC-017Media Transcoding
    Converts media streams from one codec to another. Multiple codecs are supported including:
  • 711 A Law, μ Law
  • 729 different variants
  • 723 different variants
  • GSM Codec
  • SBC-018 Error code Translation
    Allows to keep a mapping of incoming error codes to be translated to other error codes specific to originators
  • SBC-019 DTMF Collection
    Allows DTMF signals to be collected from media streams and transferred to an upstream application server as SIP Messages
  • SBC-020 Multiple Concurrent Media Streams
    Enables a SIP session to open more than one media streams within the same session e.g. in applications like Video Conferencing or Desktop sharing etc.
  • SBC-021 Media Mixing
    In a multi-party conferencing application allows user agents to receive mixed audio from other users
  • SBC-022 Number Portability Lookup
    Provides multiple ways to lookup locally attached or cloud based number portability databases
  • SBC-024 Source IP Address Translation
    Provides a way to define rules to use specific source IP address from a pool of IP addresses when forwarding calls to the Application Servers or other next hop points
  • SBC-025 TLS Security
    Implements secure transmission of SIP packets using TLS encryption of outgoing messages to terminators using sips: and decryption of TLS on incoming packets that are using TLS
  • SBC-026 Ingress Admission Control
    Provides global and per end-point limits on the number of incoming request bursts that they can make in a given time window. Messages beyond allowed burst size are sent congestion messages and messages beyond an even higher limit are discarded without a notification back to sender
  • SBC-027 Egress Rate Limiting
    Provides a way to define a rate limit per terminator trunk in terms of maximum messages sent to them per second or other defined time window
  • SBC- 028 Radius Online Charging Client
    Provides a Radius based client to an online charging system that supports unit reservations through re-authorizations and interim accounting requests
  • SBC-029 SDP Policy Enforcement
    Provides support for capability restrictions overloaded over Radius Authorization or other requests that return policy information to be enforced on ongoing sessions including
    • Codec Authorization
    • Codec Re-Authorization
  • SBC-030 Lawful Intercept Support
    Provides a way to send a copy of all media streams in real-time to any law enforcement agency when directed by any such authorization application
  • SBC-031 Advanced SIP Methods
    Provides support for advanced SIP methods including:
    • Subscriber / Notify / Publish
    • Options / Info
    • Message
  • SBC-032 Diameter Client
    Implements Diameter protocol clients to query any external Diameter server over the following reference points:
    • Diameter Cx
    • Diameter Dx
    • Diameter Sh
  • SBC-033 SIP Terminator Fail-over
    Provides a way to fail-over the call to a secondary terminator if it fails from the primary terminator because of congestion or other such errors
  • SBC-034 Video Transmission
    Implements sending of video streams for applications like Video Conferencing or video streaming
  • SBC-035 Vendor Capacity Management
    A module that allows to define the number of concurrent call limits for each vendor trunk and an interface for routing application to query available capacity on a vendor trunk before attempting to connect a call
  • SBC-036 DID Management
    Enables a Service Provider to define DID providers in the system and import DID numbers into DID inventory
  • SBC-037 Multi-Tenancy
    Provides a way for the operator to define tenants and keep a separate set of resources and configurations for each tenant
  • SBC-999 Administration GUI
    Provides a web based graphical user interface for administration of all supported use cases